Nadja said...

Last one, of the shoot with Nicky I think, I'm sorry!
I think it's a nice one to end the series with.
Nicky was changing outfits, not really posing, but it's a sexy one of course, and I think it shows the great mood on the shoot.
Funny, crazy, wild.... :-))
As said many times, it was big fun on the shoot, I had a great time with the lovely and very talented Nicky.
Thanks again, Nicky, it was a great experience to work with you!
And it was wonderful to get to know you as a woman, too, not just as a model.

Eddy said...

Yes, thanks for the nice and shining photo's you have given to us Nadja and Nicky, I enjoy them very well and they give a mental smell like flowers do in the beginning of a new spring

Nadja said...

Ah, Eddy, you are becoming poetic of them, that's great!
Thank you very much, Eddy!
Glad to hear you enjoyed the series.

Anonymous said...

So fresh and sexy !
Thanks for you both.....


Nadja said...

Yes, playful and lively Nicky, I love this photo a lot myself.
You're welcome, Tomcat!
Thank you very much!
Big XXX!

plunertje said...

Thank you for sharing the lovely and beautyful Nicky with us, with a beautyful body. You can see that she had a lot of fun during the shoot and that she is very comfortable with her body.
It is a pleasure to may look at her.
also nice work from you Nadja.

Nadja said...

Thank you for all your nice comments, Plunertje!

Guy M said...

great series of Nicky!

Nadja said...

Ah, dear Guy, good idea of you to check this blog again, yes?
Always nice seeing you!
Thank you very much, Guy!

Anonymous said...

Lovely series of Nicky, i hope to do something similar Nadja

Nadja said...

That won't be a problem, Joyca Dee, I've been waiting a long time to hear a thing like this!
You make me a very happy little photographer!

We'll arrange a shoot soon, if you wish!

Thank you very much, lovely lady!
Looking forward to next shoot(s!) already!

Chagoll said...

prachtige foto, het toont de onbevangen sfeer waarin jullie samenwerkten; gelukwensen aan model en fotograaf!

Nadja said...

Ha, vader!

Ik zal de boodschap doorgeven! :-))
Inderdaad, deze foto toont echt hoe de sfeer was op de shoot.
Ik ga normaal gezien binnenkort weer met Nicky samenwerken!

Heel erg bedankt, papa!


Luc @ This said...

Prachtige reeks van een zalig model !!

Nadja said...

Bedankt, Luc!

Ik hoop zeker nog eens een keer met de geweldige Nicky te kunnen werken!
Zoals je misschien gelezen hebt hierboven, ik vind haar een zalige vrouw en model.