Nadja said...

Actually I'm thinking I should place these on the other blog.
But, a couple from this series would be a bit too much for there, maybe. ...
We'll see, maybe I'll do that later anyway.
So annoying, seems that suddenly Picasa has some "porn"- recognition software or something.
Some photos get removed each time I place them. In the private albums mind you!
(And some of them are really innocent photos, too!)
So I'll have to place them here from my hard drive... and then Google/Blogger will place it on Picasa anyway.
How silly is that!?
Damn, these stupid things can really annoy me badly!
So I just had to complain here a bit, get it out of my system, I hope!

plunertje said...

Very nice, you seem to feel very comfortable. It looks feminine and erotic.
Please keep up this work and posting it here in this blog.


Nadja said...

Each time I do a self portrait series I think it will be the last. I think I did them more than enough, will never find the guts again, and/or that I can never top the previous series.
But then suddenly I get this urge again and something happens once more...
So, maybe, I guess...
Thank you very much, Pluntertje!
If I can call you that.