Nadja said...

Now, listen, guys, it's your own fault, with all your encouragements always!

Paco Tamayo said...

Hello Nadja! :)))
These two photos latest I like, they are two different attitudes, a direct pose and a hint (a proposition).
I like the off color and strong light is unusual in this type of photography.
One criticizes the marked shadow on the wall.
Kisses :)

Nadja said...

Hola Paco!
I wanted to try to give the photos a bit an 'antique feel' with these colours. Inspired by the colour of the embroidered chair seat.
We call that colour 'old pink' or 'dirty pink' in Dutch.
(It was a test for a new model- series. But, I guess it kind of became "dirty pink" in this series...)
I could never have imagined that I would dare to do self portraits with this much light only a little while ago!
I don't mind the shadows, I love them!
And of course, I don't have much choice with only my flash and the two 100 watt spotlights that I work with. And the 50mm. ...
And I had to use the external flash on camera.
I have to choose between wireless shutter release or wireless flash release, I can't do both at the same time with my material.
Thank you very much, dearest Paco!
Always nice seeing you!
Big warm XXX!

vera lynn said...

This one I like veeeeery much !!!! Great leggs and a great pose !
I know you don't like pictures without a head but haven't you thought about only showing you leggs and ass :))) it would be a very strange but great picture !!!

Nadja said...

OhOooh! Now my models start encouraging me and bringing me on naughty idea's as well!
I never thought I would dare to show my legs like this...!
Same as the backside... But I must admit, it could be worse...
Sometimes I'm just lucky with the poses I guess.
Or, no, wait! I'm just getting better and better with the posing and the photographing of course!
Thank you very much, Vera lynn!
XXX again!