D.L. Wood said...

*** X ***

X marks the spot
One slash right
One slash left

Knees open to wet slot
Hardness up and tight
Filling humid cleft

Muscles tight, room hot
Splayed lips an exciting sight
Can’t touch, can’t kiss makes one bereft

D.L. Wood

Nadja said...

Oh, now I feel a bit guilty about making you feel bereft, D.L.
But at the same time I'm also very glad you feel that way of course...
Thank you very much, D.L. Wood!
I enjoy your writing a lot.
Big warm XXX!

Anonymous said...

Very erotic.....
So intense.....


Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Leviolondingres!
Glad to hear you like it, my friend.
Warm XXX!