Nadja said...

These are 'old' photos.
I didn't plan on publishing them since I didn't want to make this blog a 'one woman show'.
But, I didn't find any models to pose for me for this blog yet.
So, here they are.
With special thanks for inspiring me to my new, and very sexy friend, L.
Thank you, L.!

lilasvb said...

they are great pictures i love them so sexy so inspiring

Nadja said...

Thank you very much, Lila!
XXX again! :-))

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot to share those intimate pleasure pictures....
So sweet........


Nadja said...

It took me a whole while to find the courage to place them.
But, if I want to ask models to pose sexy for me, I think I must have the courage to do it myself first.
So sweet of you, Leviolondingres, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

You're sweet too Nadja...


vera lynn said...

Great, sensual and mystic! Well done!!!

Nadja said...

I tried to forget about these photos, all the insecurities I had and all...
And at that time still the doubt if I really wanted to go on with stuff like this or not.
But, I couldn't help it, I liked them a lot myself, if I was honest.
There is something to them, the 'movement' worked out nice, and, yes, the mood is great, I think.
I still love them. :-))
So... Thank you very much, Vera Lynn!
It's always nice to hear a thing like this from a woman.
After all, I want to make things that both men and women can like.

Joyca Dee said...

Very sensual and a nice tension of movement. Love it.
And what you dit with the pictures very very nice.
Maybe i should try something like this. What do you think Nadja, should we go for it?

Nadja said...

I would say... YES!

If you want to go for it, I'll surely be at your service to make the photos!

Thank you very much, Joyca Dee!